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Mechanical Design of the 2020 Front Uprights

The uprights are what connect the rotating hub to the suspension links, and then the rest of the car. They must withstand all the forces from the tires, as well as react the load from the brake calipers. Uprights are usually some of the most complex machined parts on an FSAE car.

I designed the front uprights for the 2020 Formula UBC car. They were modeled in Solid works and analyzed using the built in FEA features. The parts were machined by a local machine shop out of 7050 Aluminum. The 2020 uprights are 40% lighter while only sacrificing 12% stiffness.

Design Considerations
  • A lightweight unsprung (upright, hub, rim, brake, etc.) assembly is critical for maximizing the tire’s grip

  • Maximizing stiffness of the upright ensures the vehicle will behave predictably

  • Fatigue must be considered, as the suspension systems undergoes repeated loading

Front Upright Manufacturing drawing
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