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Formula UBC Racing: Summary

I have worked on various design projects on the team, including several iterations of anti-roll bars, control links, and uprights, as well as several other smaller components. As suspension team lead, I was responsible for vehicle dynamic and suspension design. As technical director I was responsible for the overarching design and philosophy of the car. Along with the team captain, I worked to ensure that all projects were kept on track and the project successful. I was also heavily involved in the manufacturing of the car’s tube frame chassis, steel and carbon fiber control links and engine supporting systems. The team has given me extensive exposure to machining on manual mills and lathes, waterjet cutting, TIG welding, and composite layups. My latest role is Captain, and I look forward to leading the team to a top 15 finish in FSAE California in 2021.

Season Breakdown


​Team Captain

  • Competing in FSAE Knowledge event

  • Competing in FSAE California 

DSC00459 (2).JPG

This year has certainly been a challenge for the team. Working online and barred from accessing our shop, we have focused primarily on simulation and the design of longer term projects. If we are able to return to our shop in the near future we aim on completing the 2020 vehicle and competing at FSAE California.


I am working on a dynamic vehicle model, which will help the team design future vehicles.


​Technical Director, Suspension Team Lead

  • 1st in design room at FSAE Virtual


Our aero package got a big upgrade, with a full length undertray and diffuser. UBC placed first in our design room, which put us in the top 10 of 150 teams in North America.

I made the push to smaller diameter tires, redesigned the front upright assembly and reconfigured the entire suspension system to cope with the smaller tires and more downforce.

Although the car never raced, it was looking to be our fastest yet.


​Suspension Team Lead

  • 43rd at FSAE Michigan


A custom electric system and a focus on reliability and testing set us up for a top 20 finish. Tragically, all that testing meant that our drive chain was worn, and it snapped on the last lap of endurance. 

I managed the suspension sub team, organized vehicle test days, and used data to inform design decisions as much as possible.


Suspension Team Member

  • 38th at FSAE Michigan


An upgraded aero package and better suspension tuning meant that our car handled really well, but an electrical failure in the endurance event held us back.


I redesigned the front and rear anti-roll bars, cutting nearly 2 Kg out of just those two subassemblies.


Suspension Team Member

  • 23rd at FSAE Michigan


My first year in university was also my first year on the team. This was a big year for the team, as we managed to cut nearly 36 Kg out of the vehicle.


I designed the front and rear anti roll bars, and camber plates. The latter are still in use on our 2021 Car.

About the Competition

Formula SAE is the largest collegiate design series worldwide, with over 500 teams and 10 officially sanctioned competitions. Teams must design and built an open wheeled, formula style race car and compete against other universities. Formula SAE Michigan is the most competitive competition in North America, with 120 universities from around the world competing. 

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