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This is a small Jewelry box I made as a birthday present. The two parts can be rotated and separated, revealing a small compartment inside. The dovetail was cut using a dovetail cutter on a rotary table and hand lapped to ensure the proper fit. There is a spring-loaded acetal ball and mating cavities that provides a detent to keep the box closed.

dovetail box open.png
dovetail box closed.png

How I Made It

These are some clips and pictures from the manufacturing process. I didn’t capture everything in depth, and so there is a lot missing, but it should give you an idea how I went about it.

I removed the bulk of the material from both parts using a CNC mill.

The Final Product

I added some paraffin wax to the mating surfaces to make it slide nice, and as a final touch I etched a lavender flower on the top with a laser cutter.

Back when I was parting off the material for this project on the lathe I purposely left a tiny nub in the center of the bottom piece. This lets is spin rather pleasingly on a flat table.

spinning triangle box.gif
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